Our strategy and ESG practices relies of three main pillars:

Customer service

Offer our clients a personalized and immediate on-site treatment service for the elimination of all their bio-infectious waste.

  1. Avoid storing hazardous waste within the hospital facility.
  2. Eliminate the risk of breathing aerosols by closing bags filled with BIW.
  3. Facilitate implementation of the service by making it a very easy process for hospital and/or clinic personnel to use and understand.
  4. Ensure immediate response to incidents involving our equipment.
  5. 24/7 operational information availability.


Ensure a sustainable solution over time that is environmentally friendly.

  1. Eliminates the need for transportation of the BIW for treatment outside the hospital/clinic.
  2. Exponentially reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and its corresponding carbon footprint.
  3. Allows for recycling of sterilized material for future material recovery, such as plastics and high-quality steel needles.
  4. We use recycled materials, such as thermal shrink paper bags and containers for sharp objects.


We will provide digital technology to our entire process, end-to-end, so that our customers and authorities can have instant access to all operation information.

  1. Online traceability of the entire process;
  2. Information security through Blockchain technology;
  3. Use of Big data/AI to identify best internal and external practices in managing BIW for hospitals and/or clinics.

Steriale is global!

We are now operating in more than 10 countries!

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