Steriale Sterilization System

An easily deployable and operable on-site treatment that converts bio-infectious waste into MSW (Municipal Solid Waste – inert and recyclable urban waste). Disruptive technology serving both health and the environment. Products and technologies patented in more than 50 countries (Autoclaves, RBI smart containers, bags and cartridges, compressing robots, and sanitizers)

What Steriale brings


Sterilizes RBI (bio-infectious waste) immediately within the hospital or healthcare center. Prevents bag ruptures and spills.


Certainty of almost instantaneous waste elimination. Impossibility of 'accidentally' opening the autoclave


Minimizes environmental impact, eliminates the use of plastic, and reduces the carbon footprint.


Pay-per-use, just pay per kg of treated bio-infectious waste. Substantial savings compared to traditional solutions


GPRS monitoring. Location traceability with a nano chip. RBI weight control through sensors.


Substantial reduction in service costs through the use of a digital and secure platform.


Unique value proposition 'Robot as a Service' (RaaS), with no upfront investment, including a digital platform


Utilization of IoT to provide communication, automation, and artificial intelligence to autoclaves and containers.

Big Data

Application of Big Data to identify trends, improve service, predictive maintenance, etc.

Simplified hiring system

See how simple it is to implement the Steriale system with our innovative and simplified business methodology.

Receive all the necessary autoclaves and containers at your hospital or clinic on loan.

Pay only for disposable bags and cups when you use them.

Installation included

Don’t worry about hiring technicians or specialized personnel. We come to your environment to install the Steriale system.

According to your needs

The choice of autoclaves and container sizes depends on the amount of waste generated by the hospital, clinic, or laboratory.

No need for additional equipment or space

No need to hire additional staff or use new space. The current team and location perfectly support the system.

Other advantages of the Steriale system

Significant reduction in operational costs and hospital waste management.

The system eliminates the transport of bags and collectors to the central warehouse. Safe transportation in metal containers.

Aids in biosafety by eliminating risks of accidental opening and contagion.

Electronic control and monitoring of all containers and their contents

Contribute to the environment by completely eliminating the use of disposable plastics.

Up to a 50% reduction in waste volume. Up to a 75% reduction in empty collector storage.

Reduction in waste collection frequency.

Low environmental impact, from the production process to disposal in the healthcare center

Disruptive technology serving both health and the environment

We are already in more than 10 countries!

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