Health-Tech Company that develops disruptive solutions for the management of bio-sanitary waste.

We design and develop products and services that enhance the safety of healthcare personnel, patients, and external individuals in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories through the immediate treatment of generated waste. We have patented products and technologies in more than 50 countries, including BIW autoclaves, smart containers, recyclable material bags, compressor robots, and sanitizers.

Value proposition based on 4 axes

Elimination and total traceability of on-site Biological-Infectious Waste (BIW).

Sustainability and Environmental Care.

Offer of sanitizing and compressing robots.

A service without the need for investment.

Our products

In-situ treatment system with traceability and online operational management.

                             These are the main components of our solution.

Autoclaves RBI

Automatic operation without an operator. Automatic recording of each cycle, barcode scanning, automatic weighing of the load, online traceability, remote management, data collection, and Big Data analysis.

Smart Containers

Aluminum containers with a hermetic seal, pressure and temperature opening system,with a secure closing and opening mechanisms, identification labels, and also equipped with an intelligent tracking system for traceability.

Eco-friendly consumables

Recyclable paper bags with barcode, featuring heat-shrinkable pull-tight closures for solid waste. Non-perforated cardboard cartridges for sharp objects with an expandable safety system for increased volume.

Basic operation of the Steriale system

The system is installed in a compact and modular manner

The containers are reusable and safely operated

Similar process to what the collaborators are already accustomed to

The entire system has traceability connected to our cloud-based software

The containers have a tight seal and will only open after being sterilized

After sterilization, the waste can be disposed of directly as municipal waste

Concerns and issues in the healthcare sector related to BIW (Biological-Infectious Waste)

Steriale helps mitigate concerns and doubts of healthcare managers and authorities related to BIWs (Biological-Infectious Waste)

Accidental breakage of bags or containers containing waste.

Long periods of storage in hospital facilities.

Lack of effective and thorough control of generated or treated waste.

Infections caused by the transport and handling of containers with infectious waste to areas distant from healthcare facilities.

Disruptive technology in the service of health and the environment.

We are already in more than 10 countries!

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