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Because of the success of our products, Steriale is now looking for new distributors in other countries.
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On-site Biological Infectious Waste Management System

We design and develop products and services that enhance the safety of healthcare personnel, patients, and external individuals in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories through the immediate treatment of generated waste. We have patented products and technologies in more than 50 countries, including BIW autoclaves, smart containers, recyclable material bags, compressor robots, and sanitizers.

What we offer to our distributors

Patented System

Steriale system is patented in over 50 countries.


You will have exclusivity in your region, by contract.


Steriale minimizes environmental impact, eliminates the use of plastic, and reduces the carbon footprint, which eases market penetration.

Conservative Goals

Our business plan has conservative goals, speak with our representatives to understand better for your market.

Cuttin edge technology

High end technology for waste management, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Big Data

Application of Big Data to identify trends, improve service, predictive maintenance, etc.

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