Our sustainability and ESG strategy is based on three aspects:

  1. To offer our clients a personalized and immediate on-site treatment service for the elimination of all their biological-infectious waste (BMW)
  2. To offer a long term sustainable and environmental solution.
  3. Provide digital technology to our entire process, from end to end so that clients and authorities have instant access to all the information of the operation.


Customer service

  1. Avoid storing hazardous waste within the hospital facilities.
  2. Eliminates the risk of breathing aerosols by closing bags.
  3. Facilitates the implementation of the service as it is a very easy process to use and assimilate it the hospital and / or clinic staff.
  4. It guarantees an immediate response to incidents by our teams.
  5. 24/24 availability of operational information.


  1. Eliminates the need to transport the BMW for its your treatment away from hospital / clinic facilities
  2. It exponentially reduces the consumption of fossil fuels carbon footprint
  3. It allows the recycling of sterilized material for its posterior material recovery, for example: plastics, high quality steel needles, etc …
  4. We use recycled materials (shrink paper bags and sharps containers).



  1. Online traceability of the entire process
  2. Information security through Blockchain technology
  3. Usage of Big data / AI that allows to identify the best internal and external practices for the hospitals and clinics in the management of BMW.