About us

STERIALE is a Spanish company that through its patents and “Know How” has developed different products and services, patented worldwide. Both the equipment and processes and systems that benefit first, the safety of both the interim staff of the medical center, as well as that of their patients or external personnel (visits from relatives, providers, etc.)

Secondly, we have considered very deeply, the time in which the contaminated waste remains latent and potentially infectious both in the generating center, as well as in its transportation, or its final disposal. The best option is to eliminate them in the center itself and immediately after the container closes.

And last but not least is the Environment. Our inputs where the final waste is deposited, are cardboard and paper. Currently the containers and bags where this waste is deposited are made of plastic, all this is incinerated or taken sterile to a sanitary landfill, where the decomposition time is very long