Sterilization of biomedical waste

We design and develop innovative technological solutions for the management of hospital biological-infectious waste (BIW)

Own and patented technology

Patented products and technologies in more than 50 countries (IBW autoclaves, smart containers, bags and cartridges, robot compressors and sanitizers)

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    Tech-Health company for the management of hospital biological-infectious waste (BMW)

    We are a company that combines the convergence of different digital technologies to offer a disruptive value proposition.  Making use of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Nanotechnology, and Blockchain, we offer a unique solution for the BMW management of hospitals and clinics in the world.

    Steriale Sterilization System

    STERIALE offers as a service, an BMW on-site treatment solution in hospitals and medical centers, without any investment for our clients and with the following benefits:


    Treatment system “on site” with traceability and online operational management. These are the main components of our solution.

    RBI autoclaves

    Automatic operation without an operator. Automatic registration of each cycle, barcode reading, automatic load weighing, online traceability, remote management, data collection and analysis with Big Data.

    Smart containers

    Aluminum containers with hermetic closure and pressure and temperature opening system, closing and opening locks, identification labels, equipped with an intelligent location system for traceability.

    Eco consumables

    Recyclable paper bags with barcode, with heat-shrinkable handles for solid waste. Puncture-proof cardboard cartridges for sharps-cutting machines with an expansion security system for their volume.

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