Autoclaves B Class

With vacuum pump (3 cycles), coupled electronic scaleto the autoclave to weigh the residues by remote control.
QR code reader for the location and traceability of containers and data transmission system (GPRS-SIM) from where records are obtained by means of a computer application.

45 liters From 800 kilos per month and up
22 liters from 200 to 800 kilos per month

Reusable Container

Safety containers – with hermetic seal -, with a patented lid opening system, only whenfinalize the sterilization of your content


Paperboard cartridges with bar codes and color change (chemical) sensor for sterility, where the sharp-cutting points are removed.
Double / triple layer paper bags, with patented system that allows to compress the waste up to 50% of its original volume and barcodes with color change sensor (chemical) for sterility, where the sharp-nibs are deposited.