BMW Class B autoclaves

Steriale es una empresa “tech-health” que desarrolla soluciones tecnológicas innovadoras para la gestión de residuos biológico-infecciosos hospitalarios (RBI)

Biosanitary Waste. Class B European standard autoclave with 3 vacuum cycles prior to sterilization.

It incorporates the Helix test, the Vacuum test and the Bowie & Dick test that measures the penetration of water vapor. The sterilization data is transmitted via email by GPRS. Optional micro-printer.

Available in 22, 45 and 180 liters.

Automatic control system that records the start and the end date and time of sterilization

The control system automatically records the start and end date and time of sterilization.

A unique GPRS system transmits all the data of the sterilization process to the established email addresses.

All the data available online

Air extraction system equipped with antibacterial filter

Includes fast sterilization mode

Automatic and manual adjustment of the temperature sensor parameters.

Date/time set mode

External water tanks.

Led screen.

Disruptive technology at the service of health and the environment